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I believe that all people can benefit from therapy. Each of us has flaws and areas we can improve upon, whether it is our tendency to ruminate about negative thoughts and feelings, feel hopeless and distraught, use maladaptive coping mechanisms like food, drugs, or alcohol to numb our feelings, or engage in unhealthy relationship patterns. Many of us hold on to negative experiences like weights strung around our necks, constantly feeling burdened, overwhelmed, and hopeless. My aim is to loosen this noose and experience freedom from painful thoughts and emotions. With the right therapist and the motivation to change, positive self improvement is possible.

Dr. Grundleger is a limited permit psychologist currently working under the supervision of Dr. Lucy Bichsel. 


Eating disorders

 Do you hate who you see in the mirror? Have you been on numerous diets and still not found satisfaction with your weight and shape?  In my experience, when patients begin to explore their anxiety, depression, and traumas, while at the same time making behavioral changes, many ED symptoms can be alleviated. 


Relationships bring rise to many struggles relating to: communicating, compromising, maintaining your independence, sexual satisfaction, etc. It can be extremely helpful to work on these challenging parts of maintaining a healthy relationship in therapy. 

Depression and anxiety

Over the last decade I have helped people to overcome great sadness, despair, hopelessness, and grief. Depression and anxiety have a cruel way of taking over our bodies and negatively affecting our functioning at work, in our relationships, and with how we view ourselves. 

training and fees


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: LIU, Brooklyn 2018

Masters Social Work: Columbia 2009

Bachelors in Social Work: NYU 2008

Training & experience

Bellevue Hospital, The Renfrew Center, The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt, Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy, New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, LIU counseling center, and Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital.  


Individual intake: $275

Individual session: $220

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