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Additional Information

I believe that all people can benefit from therapy. Each of us has flaws and areas we can improve upon, whether it is our tendency to ruminate about negative thoughts and feelings, feel hopeless and distraught, use maladaptive coping mechanisms like food, drugs, or alcohol to numb our feelings, or engage in unhealthy relationship patterns. Many of us hold on to negative experiences like weights strung around our necks, constantly feeling burdened, overwhelmed, and hopeless. My aim is to loosen this noose and experience freedom from painful thoughts and emotions. With the right therapist and the motivation to change, positive self improvement is possible.

Becoming a therapist was the most natural, obvious path for me as a career.  I am passionate about my work and know it is what I was meant to do. As a psychologist, I am able to do work that is truly meaningful, authentic, and impactful—I have the opportunity to witness people's emotional explorations, detangle and clarify negative, confusing perceptions that hold them back from living life in the best possible manner, and ultimately, guide individuals to a clearer understanding of their emotions and experiences. It is an honor to be able to sit beside individuals as they grow and become enlightened and I truly love what I do.

My style is warm and direct. I am attuned to my client’s experiences and gently push people to think differently—I remain sensitive to my client’s emotional state and find the right balance between being nurturing and supportive while also pushing to acknowledge important aspects of their lives. My nature joined with my extensive clinical training, make me the ideal therapist to treat a multitude of struggles. I know how intimidating it can be to pick up the phone or write the first email, but I hope you can push past this fear and reach out for support during this challenging time.

Dr. Grundleger is a limited permit psychologist (013226-02) currently working under the supervision of Dr. Lucy Bichsel.