Eating disorders & body image

Do you hate who you see in the mirror? Have you been on numerous diets and still not found satisfaction with your weight and shape? Many of my patients suffer from eating concerns that involve low self image, struggles extreme changes in weight, over/undereating, purging, over-exercising and other maladaptive forms of weight and shape management. In my experience, when patients begin to explore their anxiety, depression, and traumas, while at the same time making behavioral changes, many ED symptoms can be alleviated. I have extensive experience and have done a good deal of research in the field of EDs and am intimately aware of the ins and outs of issues relating to this extremely debilitating illness. I know the recovery process can be daunting and overwhelming; however, I am confident that I can help you learn how to find peace with your body/shape, begin to eat intuitively, and stop the treacherous cycle of dieting and ED behaviors 

Relationships & dating in NYC

Relationships bring rise to many struggles relating to: communicating, compromising, maintaining your independence, sexual satisfaction, etc. It can be extremely helpful to work on these challenging parts of maintaining a healthy relationship in therapy. Presently, many of my clients express extreme frustration with the dating process in NYC—they feel overwhelmed, flustered, and confused. With so many apps and websites for dating, there are just too many options and people are feeling like the wave of dating is pulling them farther and farther underwater. I can assist you with this burdensome process through exploration of the emotional process of dating, providing hands on advice for navigating the app-world, and exploring healthy ways to cope with the ups and downs of this process.  

Depression & anxiety

Over the last decade I have helped people overcome great sadness, despair, hopelessness, and grief. Depression and anxiety have a cruel way of taking over our bodies and negatively affecting our functioning at work, in our relationships, and with how we view ourselves. I can work with you to identify how past life events, traumas, or ways of thinking are affecting your ability to cope in the present. Through the therapy process you will  begin to feel hopeful about the future and will learn to live more honestly and in the present moment.